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About C&G 

C&G condition & growth Haircare Supplies,  main goal is to promote the importance of healthy hair care for all hair types. We supply well known products that work and cater to all. We as a business want to help all to love and appreciate the hair growing out your scalp.

We are a new and small business that has just opened, established this year of 2020 in the U.K.. We as a business want to bring new and vibrant ideas to you so we can help you achieve  your hair goals. .We want to focus on what matters within your hair journey. Quality over quantity!  Let's focus on what on your hair NEEDS. Your hair requirements to health is the C&G- focus on the Condition and then Growth will follow. 

We offer great services for all hair types, from the 4c - 1a hair groups. We have a range of products that are known to work. Before the opening of C&G we had carefully conducted research within local areas asking for high recommendation of hair products. From the results and analysis C&G carefully selected hair products that work and have provide great results in regards to Condition and growth for all hair types 4c-1a. 


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